• To be complete, lacks only you

            All Saturday the Rondon Palace Hotel offers an "feijoada" more than complete, with best ingredients and temper irresistible. Everything this in a calm ambient with much elegance, to you enjoy afternoon.

            Comes to feel shade of a different Saturday in our "Feijoada".

            The Most special reception
            Drinks, delicious syllabub, "caipirinhas" and the celebrity beans chowder with "torresmo". Perfect preparation for the main plate!

            Your charming Saturday
            The beans is cooked slowly in the low fire, the meats are separate you to choose the ones that more like and the accompaniments are separated plates, to you eat white rice and sausage farofa. The "Rondon Feijoada" gives mouth water alone to imagine.

            All Saturdays, from the noon, with parking in the place.